Karen Dyer is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
29 November 2022
Testimonials below from Karen's colleagues:
‘Karen has always been so welcoming, inclusive, supportive, and has an open heart, often reaching out to peers when they may be finding it challenging balancing work and home commitments.
Karen provides random emails to check in on staff, offering strategies and her wealth of experience, offers support with managing workloads, or a chat, often when staff most need it. Her baking skills also don’t go unnoticed, often finding many opportunities to cook for her colleagues.
Karen is an inspirational person, a positive role model and an asset to Rise.’
‘Karen is the most selfless person I have ever met. She always goes above and beyond to ensure her clients and her colleagues are looked after. Karen ensures that her clients get her full attention and that they receive the best care possible. She always achieves results in a timely manner and the clients love dealing with her.
Karen also looks after all her colleagues. She always offers a helping hand if she knows that one of us is under the pump or under the weather, regardless of how busy she is herself.
Karen sees the best in everyone and has never judges and accepts everyone for who they are. Karen is the epitome of all that Rise stands for.’
‘Karen is an amazing supportive mentor and role model, who has a lot to give. Always has the time to help anyone in need no matter what she has going on. She is a world of knowledge and experience however still looking for ways to grow.’
‘I have known and worked with Karen for over 2 years here at Rise and have always found her to have the most amazing and positive attitude in all that she does. Karen can remain optimistic through adversity and always manages to put a smile on my face with her sense of humour. This rubs off on other people she is in direct contact with whether it be co-workers or clients.
Karen aids in building the morale of our team here at Rise, just with her presence, let alone everything else she does. I also find that Karen makes me feel comfortable and not apprehensive whenever I need to ask for assistance with something that to myself, may seem obvious.
Karen has a vast knowledge of our industry and is incredibly approachable, helping anyone that needs it. I know that many other staff would agree with me regarding this. I feel that Karen is a massive asset to Rise and deserves all the compliments she gets.’
‘Karen has always been there to support the team; she is kind and inclusive. Karen is often checking on her colleagues and very supportive if they need any assistance, she is always happy to help, she has lots of knowledge and is happy to share it with the team.’
‘My very first day working from PAC, Karen introduced herself to me, I had not met her before, yet she made me feel like we were old friends. The one thing about Karen that stands out for me is how she greets me “hello beautiful, oh don’t you look gorgeous” she compliments people and makes them feel good about themselves.
Karen has a beautiful, kind caring nature, everyone who has had the pleasure to get to know her, all say the same, “isn’t Karen Great”
‘Karen supports all of us at any time. She values our opinions and respects our contributions and is always optimistic. She will take on extra clients when we are busy, she will check in with us asking how we are, she will organise flowers or even bake cakes when needed. She will supply refreshment ad hoc at any given moment to any department reminding them they are great and valued. If I have a challenging client, Karen always starts with the same statement ‘let’s go back to basics’ what are we doing what do we need to do, and always date note everything. She taught me that if ever you are away and somebody steps into your shoes can they pick up the threads. Valuable information. I can’t think of a better person for the Anna Alderson Award, Karen does reflect Rise values’
‘I believe Karen would make an excellent candidate for the Anna Alderson Award. I have known her for over 10 years in the capacity as her manager and also now as a work colleague. During this time
• She has always put other people before herself
• Always willing to go the extra mile
• Is the first to put her hand up to assist anyone
Clients all love her as she shows genuine empathy and compassion toward them
• She helps new staff by buddying up with them and is just a phone call away if they need her
• She does everything for anyone and doesn’t expect anything in return
• A really genuine person’
'I have worked with Karen for nearly 5 years and always found her to be one of the most welcoming people. She is never shy about paying people a compliment or just doing a nice gesture for someone to make them feel important and valued. Karen is an exemplary role model for new staff, imparting her years of knowledge and experiencing, but also making them feel supported and nurtured during a time that can be quite overwhelming. Karen takes her time to listen to people and remains optimistic at every opportunity. There isn't a soul at Rise that doesn't appreciate her baking efforts, which she again shares generously with her peers (and their waistlines!).'
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