Kerylee Barac is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
29 November 2022
Where to begin, I have filled in as Kerylee's senior on a few occasions now, she is one of the most efficient people I have had the opportunity to work alongside.

I have been there when she has had some horrible personal stuff going on in her life but has come to work with integrity and put on a happy face for our clients and been welcoming to them and staff for a chat and guidance. on a few occasions when a client has been angry and we in the house have exhausted our options, she is always a phone call away she will talk to the client and staff and shows respect by listening to what all has to say.

I have always been able to ask Kerylee how to do something I'm not sure of, she will always talk me threw it if she is not physically able to show me, nothing is too much. And with all the changes that are always happening at Rise with forms and paperwork, budgets, plans and all this horrible Covid going on, we know she most definitely shows optimism every day in everything that she dose.

Many people come to Kerylee for help and guidance and that's because she is one of the best at what she does, I have never seen myself as a teacher but I now too have people ask me how to do things because they know that I learnt from Kerylee and they are right she has helped me to upskill and better myself not only for me but for Rise and the people we all support.
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