Keys 4 Life

By Rise
19 April 2021
We had a very successful Keys 4 Life Workshop with 14 young people attending day one of the program and all 12 who completed the program on day two passed the theory test for obtaining their Learner’s Permit and will be receiving their Keys 4 Life Certificates over the next two weeks.

This was the first time we have run a two day workshop, in line with the new requirements, and it went better than expected with only two people who attended on the first day not attending the second. The 100% pass rate is a testament to the young people’s effort and Nicole Eames’ training skills. It was particularly nice to see a number of young people who struggle with reading and writing push on through the activities and difficulties to succeed in the test. It was great to continue this partnership with Rise Learning and Development to help the young people take their first steps to obtaining the independence that their drivers licence represents.

It was an amazing success and I’d like to say how proud I am of all of the attendees. Attending two days of full on training is hard enough for adults let alone young people!
Nicole Eames, Senior trainer who also facilitated the workshop along with Lachlan Bryce - Youth Case Worker commented:
“I would also like to acknowledge that yes they may have struggled with reading or writing but had us to support them through this. I felt that they might not have had such great support in past learning experiences and were grateful for this opportunity and the open and positive learning environment that we had was just the ticket for them!  Lachlan and I also encouraged them in their self-esteem and the importance of making good choices to reduce risks across not only driving but in general life.”

Great work Lachlan and Nicole!
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