Let's Celebrate!

By Rise
13 December 2019
Currently in Service Delivery we are making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of agency that is being used in our PwD houses. We are focusing on this to reduce the amount of staff that work with our clients (clients have clearly feedback they value having a smaller amount of regular staff they know well supporting them) and work to develop stable teams of regular staff in each of our houses).

Along with our Senior Coordinators and Managers, we have been having weekly meetings to review the top five houses using  agency staff within our PwD homes, work with teams to review the current rosters and develop new strategies on how to support, attract, recruit and retain our own staff at these houses.  One of our goals is to always offer hours and work opportunities to our Rise team before agency staff, so stay tuned for more information about the ways we will do this soon.
It also goes without saying that we welcome your ideas about how we can reduce the amount of agency staff so please contact one of the action team below if you have an idea.
There is great work that is already being done by our teams so a big congratulations to Aubin Grove, Lana, Luana & Jingella  that used no agency over the past week! Well done to Donna McColl, Sandy Wildey, Angie Jeffery and your teams!
A shout out to Carmen Watene, Senior Coordinator for Parkerville, who over the past 5 weeks has worked with the Scheduling & Human Resources Teams to reduce Parkerville’s agency usage by 100 hours, with further reductions to come. Well done Carmen!
Stay tuned for further updates on our path to 0!
Agency Action Group Members:
Shaun Mays
Chris Minchin
Jason Burgess
Andrea Kelly
Vanessa Williams
Katrina Criddle
Charlene Fernandez
Tori Blackie
General enquiry
New client enquiry

(08) 6274 3700


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