Looking back 100 years

By Rise
14 January 2020

This month at Wembley Community Centre we are celebrating 100 years since the 1920s.
We are reflecting back on what has been. Today the Wembley Tuesday group brought in special items from the past. They shared stories about these items and the value that they hold to them.
Dianna brought in her grandmother’s perfume bottle which is over 150 years old. Roma brought in a handmade key made by her father for her 21st birthday. It held a scroll with a hand-written letter from him inside.
Phyllis brought in memorabilia from her husband’s time in the War. In this photo she holds his wallet that he held for his six years of service in World War II. Inside he held a a photo of Phyllis. She kept newspaper clippings, and letters that he wrote to her. Phyllis will be 100 years old this August.

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