Lovena Misama is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
06 December 2022
RESPECT - We listen & trust: She treats people with kindness, encouraging us to express opinions & have open door policy for both staff and boys living in the Rise houses. Knowing that she will listen if that is all we need or act on what I share with her to come up with a resolution feels good.

She is kind to us. She got a call because one of us was broken down on Roe Hwy nearby after finishing the shift. Lovena picked my colleague then took them all the way home. Staff phoned her for an emergency on the weekend one evening when one of boys was smashing windows & spitting at staff. She came in when not rostered & de-escalate what was happening until relief shift came on. We know we can call and rely on her.

WELCOMING - We offer a place to belong: Lovena’s emails to us are warm and gives compliments and shares the praise with other staff when we have done something. No one else would evening know but Lovena likes the houses and sometimes the neighbourhood to know about when we succeed. For some birthdays & Xmas in July she brings a guitar to play songs and brought in a fabric Xmas tree for a special July Xmas dinner. It made everyone in the house feel celebrated. Lovena makes it feel like home.
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