Mark has found a new passion during Covid19

By Rise
15 May 2020
Mark and his support person had a three hour bike ride this week, covering around 22kms. Mark was very sceptical in the morning when a bike ride was suggested. Mark has ridden bike’s before it’s just that Mark had not ridden his new bike which he bought a long time ago. Mark was actually a very good rider in his younger years but just lost all interest and motivation when he got ill.

Initially Mark looked like he was going to give up and appeared very anxious in the traffic leaving his house but by the time he got down to the beach cycle path, he was relaxed and pedalling ahead.  At the end of it all, after a few smoke stops and coffee break at morning tea where a scone, jam and cream where shared, Mark was really proud of his achievement and stated how well he felt for doing it. Mark has vowed to keep up the bike riding now even when things return to normal and he can access the gym again.  This was real achievement for Mark and amazing to see how physical exercise can lift us when we are feeling down!
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