Matthew Farmer is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
17 November 2021
The Anna Alderson Award was instigated in 2016 in memory of our former Chairperson Anna, and the example she set in demonstrating the values that are important to Rise. 

Today’s nominee is:
Matthew Farmer
Senior Coordinator Human Resources

“Matt has been with Rise a couple of years and during that time has taken on increasing levels of responsibility, including several weeks of the most senior operational HR role – Human Resources Operations Manager.  He has also expanded his role to start managing a team of people.
He is the go-to person for advice on most HR issues, including sensitive and complex disciplinary and performance management matters.
He will be called on not just to give advice but to be the HR rep in meetings which can be emotional and distressing at times and include staff members, managers, support people and unions.
He needs to be seen as having the utmost integrity in terms of giving advice without fear or favour including to his peers and right up to the most senior levels of staff within Rise. He needs to be trusted to keep appropriate confidentiality around all areas.  He will sometimes need to provide feedback from meetings or exit interviews which may not always be easy to hear but must do it fairly and in a measured way.
People need to know that he is objective, realise there are many sides to the things he hears and feel comfortable he will not leap to conclusions.  They also need to feel confident that the advice he gives meets our legal obligations and fits within our values.
There are few other positions at his level which are expected to be able to give direction to and hold accountable people much more senior than him.
He does all of this in a respectful way, holds his ground and position when he needs and remains calm and confident.
Despite the sensitivity of his role, he is not just well-respected, but also well-liked and has a good sense of fun and humour at our social events.
I feel he has made great progress as a manager and see him as a future leader with the support and guidance of his managers Jodie McLean and Fiona Durrant.”
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