May the best bonnet win

By Rise
03 April 2020

Craft your most creative hat and submit your photo to be crowned the winner. Open to all staff  and volunteers the Senior Management Team will choose the winners from three categories: staff, children and pets.

Send your selfie or your pooch on parade to: by 4pm Wednesday 8th April.

The winner will  be announced on Skype on Thursday 9th April. We’ll send you a calendar invite.  You’ll have full bragging rights for as long as everyone will listen to your carry on.  Other prizes will be announced closer to the date and we'll share the best pics on Facebook.


We cannot however forget the present concerns relating to Covid-19, therefore there will be some additional rules this year.  Due to visits to the outside world being restricted to essential tasks (unfortunately I do not think we could justify shopping for Easter craft items essential), you will be required to create your masterpiece with items you have available to you already in the home only.  For those with plentiful art and craft boxes, this should be an easy one for you, for those who struggle with creativity, you may need to pull out all stops to be in the running for this one (bribery may be considered!!)

Til then, its all gloves off.  May the best bonnet win

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