Meet Dave - The Best Teddy In The World

By Rise
28 February 2020

Robbie Tremain has been attending the Arts Hub for five years. Dave, his favourite teddy, accompanies Robbie most days.  Robbie is very proud of the bib he hand stitched for Dave along with the pompoms on top of his beret and scarf.  Robbie loves being in the crafts room, pottery room as well as pottering around in the garden. 


If you’re feeling arty, creative or want a new hobby, check out our Arts Hub in Warwick. The perfect place for people with disability, those with mental health issues and older people to explore their creative side.  We cater for all ages and abilities. We believe everyone has unique talents and anyone can have a go.   You may be able to attend our Creative Arts Hub for free. Contact us on 6274 3700 for more information.

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