Meet Deborah - Celebrating Women

By Rise
03 March 2021

Deborah Calleja, Outreach Support Worker, Mental Health Team

What do you love most about your job?

"Working in the community with clients in their own homes, assisting and promoting clients to be more independent and to take a more active part in their recovery journey.

Making sure clients are aware and informed of the choices they have and the ability to help provide access to information. I enjoy meeting new people and establishing working relationships."

What would you tell your 8-year-old self-knowing what you know now?

"Don’t be afraid to “Go For” something that you want, barriers can be overcome with determination and persistence." You are a unique individual and can complete anything you set your mind to."

Which woman inspires you the most and why? 

"Audrey Hepburn.

She grew up during the war, originally started performing as a silent dancer and Chorus Girl before moving on to film. She was able to act along so many famous and great leading men.

Audrey has been described as “a natural, beautiful women.”  Over the years I have watched and enjoyed her films and seen the changes in her as an actress.

Audrey was also a great humanitarian. Unfortunately, she died way to young."

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