We are continually looking for better ways to work with the Department of Communities to improve the way we deliver services for our clients but also to remove any barriers we face in doing so.

Working with the Department of Communities to continually improve services

By Rise
28 January 2021
Rise and other organisations like us receive much of our funding and do a lot of work with the state government Department of Communities – e.g. in housing, youth, disability and other areas.
Communities have provided CEO, Justine Colyer, an excellent opportunity to work with them for three months so we can understand each other better and improve the way we work together.  It’s an excellent reflection on them and us that we are willing to try something different to get better results.
From 1 Feb to 30 April, Justine will step aside from her CEO role and work with Communities based from their Fremantle office. 
The Rise Leadership Group will all be taking a step up and collectively take on some of the work and decision making Justine would normally have done. 
In most cases, you will continue to work with the Leadership Group member you already have a relationship with.  If you would normally work with Justine on something, we will direct you to the appropriate new contact.
However, given Justine already spends much of her time working with stakeholders outside Rise, this is likely to continue in her new role – just with a different focus.
This secondment is only possible because of the strong Board, Leadership Group and team at Rise. 
Both the Rise Board and CEO feel huge confidence in the people, systems and processes at Rise that will enable this to happen.
The CEO is extremely appreciative of Communities and the Rise team in supporting the project.
We look forward to updating everyone with the positive changes as a result of this work.

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