Milperra Support Workers are today’s Anna Alderson Nominees!

By Rise
25 November 2021
Today’s nominees are:
Tracey Bua Giancarro, Jean (Gina) Cone, Jennifer Keegel, Julie Lane, Kristi Sawka, Sharon Sutherland.
Support workers at Milperra Cottage

"Teamwork is a word that is kicked around a lot. But you only have to be around the Milperra team for a short time, or attend a staff meeting, and you know they live and breathe support for each other, the clients and a high-quality service.
Nothing fazes this group. If they are faced with challenges, they work together to overcome them. They present ideas, discuss options, and come to an agreement looking at what is best for the client, the program and themselves. They recognise the strengths each member brings to the team and give recognition and appreciation for those qualities.
You could say they are doing their job but what makes a difference is the way they do it – with empathy, creativity, humour, and a commitment to person centred care.
They go over and above to make a stay at Milperra the best it can possibly be. The quotes below show how appreciated they are by clients:
The respite care that Helen received at Milperra Cottage was excellent. We really did feel confident that Helen was safe and well cared for at Milperra.
John stated during a discussion, ‘Everybody is so positive here that it makes me feel better. I feel relaxed.
Thank you so much, it is a lovely photo of Mum. She looks so comfortable and content there. I just showed it (photo) to her and she said straight away, that’s me at the cottage. I like it there.
Thank you all for taking such good care of Mum, it’s appreciated more than you know.
Betty has a terminal illness. She had visitors one day and as they were leaving, they said – Betty has really perked up staying here. We can see a big difference. Whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it because it’s working.
Just writing to thank you for looking after our mother so well last week at Milperra Cottage. She is so much better since I last saw her. Seems to have put on weight, so the food at Milperra must be fantastic. The best thing of all is her improved mental state. She was so depressed last time I saw her, but after her week with you she is back to her old cheerful self again.
She did seem a bit scared about coming to Milperra before she arrived, but now she talks about it like it is her second home. Says you all really spoiled her.
I have stayed here three times. Each time I’ve stayed the service, food, care has been excellent. Thank you Rise. Would not get this care and service anywhere in WA
You would not get better treatment at a five-star hotel. They (staff) bend over backwards to do anything to help. Have got time for all your needs. Food is terrific. Thanks for everything. You would not get better treated anywhere else.
Their positive, can do attitude directly impacts on the clients they support leading to many examples of Wellness. One example below:
Client Keith was explaining his health issues to s/worker and how it has impacted on his interests. Keith explained that a ministroke had taken away his voice and he was no longer able to sing in the choir. In fact, Keith hadn’t sung for a year. S/worker asked if Keith had tried to sing, to which Keith replied he hadn’t.
S/worker encouraged Keith to put on a little concert of songs. He said, “I bet I’m no good’. The s/worker and other guest said it didn’t matter, it would be lovely to have someone sing for them. They told Keith how much they were looking forward to it.
That was all it took. Keith sang for over an hour: folk songs from England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The other guest was delighted to remember some of the songs and enthusiastically joined in.
After the applause died down and Keith was praised for his performance, he said, ‘Well it looks like I’m going back to choir to perform again.’ It was an affirmation that he could still enjoy and achieve a hobby that he loved to participate in.
Every day I see Rise’s values in action. It isn’t any one person, and it isn’t any one action that’s prompted me to write this nomination. It’s the work of a respectful, welcoming, optimistic team who do work with integrity."
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