Miracles do happen!

By Rise
27 July 2021
According to Stan and Jan, both members of the Peter Anderton Centre ‘miracles do happen’.

Stan said, ‘he didn’t think he would ever meet anyone again, especially because his health isn't the best, but then he met Jan, a special lady’.

Jan said, ‘she has been on her own for a few years now and wasn’t interested in meeting anyone until she met Stan, he’s a special guy’.
They both meet at the Peter Anderton Centre in April this year. Stan was very happy because when he asked Jan out, she said ‘yes’. For their first date, Stan drove them down south as far as Mandurah, stopping into Ravenswood for a beautiful lunch. Then they drove up north to City Beach'.

Jan said, ‘she thought that when they were coming back through from Mandurah Stan was going to drop her home as they were close to her house but then he kept driving North, which I was so happy about.  It was the best day and I didn’t get home till dark’.

Stans been coming to the Peter Anderton Centre for 4 years now and Jan has been coming on and off for a couple of years.

They catch up just about every day now.
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