Monica talks about the Disability Employment Project

By Rise
17 December 2019

“It has given me the confidence to actually talk about it and to me that’s a very important thing because it means I can help others who might be struggling with a mental health illness.”

Monica works at the front desk of Rise’s Yirra Mia social centre. She is part of the committee that’s assisting Rise and a number of Not for Profits to increase the number of people with disability employed within their respective organisations. 

“If I find that I’m not coping very well I will say to my Manager Belinda, I’m just going out for a walk, take a few deep breaths and just get out the building for a few minutes so I can refocus.”

Project Sponsors
The Disability Employment Project is an initiative between Several Not for Profit organisations including Rise, Chorus, Identity WA, Enable and Visibility. Sponsors of Co-design members include Essential Personnel, NDS and Visibility.
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