Moorditj Crew - NAIDOC Week 2021

By Rise
12 July 2021
This week we had planned to go to Yanchep National Park for a cultural experience but unfortunately our plans were rescheduled due to recent restrictions.  However, despite the bad luck, we managed to organise amazing NAIDOC week activities for all of our clients.  

Our centre was decorated with hand painted art from our Moorditj clients along with red, black and yellow streamers and ornaments.

We did lots of really fun activities such as learn the Noongar word for, "Hello".  We also learnt more about various aboriginal symbols that were commonly found in paintings.

Everyone really enjoyed the activity and learned a lot about aboriginal culture as most people scored a perfect 10 on the pop quiz we held just before lunch!

For lunch, we had a hearty, scrumdillyumcious Kangaroo Stew with damper and giblets! 

After Lunch, we got everyone to paint their hands in the colours of the aboriginal flag and leave their handprints on our NAIDOC board, as a sign of unity and togetherness. Everyone had so much fun doing this, some of our cheekier clients even had a little bit of a paint fight. 

We also had the members from the Wembley Community Centre visit us during our NAIDOC week celebrations.

Overall, everyone really enjoyed the day.

Stay tuned for next time, when we take our Moorditj crew to Yanchep for a cultural experience.
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