National Safe Work Month 2023

By Rise
13 September 2023
October is National Safe Work Month and the theme for 2023 is ‘‘a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.’ 

At Rise we always strive to ensure that safety remains our main priority in our workplace, so that we can all can enjoy a work environment free from harm and that we can safely go home to our families and loved ones without having to managing injury or illness.

What is National Safe Work Month?

National Safe Work Month is a national campaign that occurs every October to promote and raise awareness of WHS where resources are provided for workplaces to get involved.
Every week this October there will be a different weekly focus in which will encourage everyone to look at different safety issues in the workplace.

Week 1 - Working together to manage risks.
This week focuses on the risk assessment process, and what risk assessment tools that are already in place at Rise.

Week 2 - Working together to protect workers mental health (Psychological)
This week also incorporates World Mental Health Day and will focus on providing guidance on how to identify and control psychological hazards.

Week 3 - Working together to support all workers.
 This week we will discover what factors that are known to affect workers WHS vulnerability and what we do at Rise to identify and control these risks.

Week 4 - Working together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.
This week focuses on the future of work and changing patterns and ways of work being performed which will mean potential changes to WHS systems in Australia.

How can I get involved?

  • Clean up your workstation and removed unwanted items that could cause trips, slips, and falls.
  • Read and follow Rise Safe Work Procedures.
  • Contact your WHS team in how to improve your workplace.
  • Inspect your tools and equipment and report any damage.
  • Report hazards, incidents or near misses and enter them on ActionHRM.
  • Start a conversation with your teammates about safety and what it means.
  • Inspect electrical cords for signs of damage.
  • Locate your Safety File and Emergency Manual.
  • Register and attend the Worksafe WA forums online or in person.
For any more information on National Safe Work Month please visit Safe Work Australia or contact our WHS Team at
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