New ways you can help #DefendOurNDIS before the election!

By Rise
10 May 2022

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Voting day for the federal election is Saturday, May 21.

That means we have exactly two more weeks before the big day - to keep the NDIS in the spotlight, and get good, solid commitments from our pollies to #DefendOurNDIS - before they earn your important vote. 

📌 Have you seen the new updates on the AEC website? There's heaps of clear new info that we think you might find helpful!

Quickly and easily find & email the pollies who want YOUR votes

To make it fast and easy for you, we have set up a new form on our website. Here's how it works:

1. Find all of the people who are competing for your vote. They're your candidates - the people who will be on the ballot papers. 
When you type in your address, the form automatically finds everyone who will be on the ballot papers in your area. Everyone from the major parties, minor parties, independents - and it includes both Members of Parliament and Senators. You get to choose any or all of them. It's up to you. 

2. Use the words we wrote or change the email text - you choose what works best for you. We do recommend adding some notes about your NDIS experiences and thoughts to make it personal and more meaningful. And it's always a good idea to change the subject line too. 

3. Hit send! Your email will go to the candidates you chose (or all of them). You'll get emailed a copy too, and so will we. This helps us if candidates do a 'reply all' - it means we get more an idea of how different pollies are responding (or not responding). 
Find an email your candidates

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