Newest Program at Yirra Mia: The Night Owls

By Rise
07 September 2022
Hello everyone, I would like to share our newest outings program called the Night Owls at Yirra Mia, commenced at the begining of this year.

This program runs once a month on Thursday nights and it is a chance for clients to go out and have fun in the evening. It runs from 4pm in the afternoon, all the way until 11PM at night. The program was created as we realised that many of our clients used to really love going out at night however after losing their licenses, etc. they found it difficult to be able to go out in the evening and enjoy the night life in Perth.

Our program is the perfect opportunity for a night out for single clients who are ready to mingle and also for couples who have not been on a date night in a long time. The program was so popular that it filled out in the first week.

We even received a compliment from a client's carer within the first week:

"I really appreciate that the clients can now go out at night time with the Night Owls program and have an amazing time. Desmond who attends the program is always talking about the fun things he is doing.
Des usually spends a lot of time at home on his own and being able to go out has helped him a lot. It is even better that he is able to go out on the program to spend quality time with his partner who attends with him.
I love the idea of night time outings because it is very unique and people like Des needs services like this especially because his driving license will soon be revoked and he will have to depend on our services more.
I would like to thank all the staff in Rise for always being there to support Des."

So far, the Night Owls have been to lots of cool, fun and exciting places, such as the Swan Yacht club, a Mexican themed Tequila Bar during the Día de los Muertos festival, the Outdoor Sunset movies, and they have even been to a secret hidden speakeasy disguised as a laundromat, called Lucky Chan's in northbridge.
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