No More Yellow Pages

By Rise
08 December 2021
In June 2021, Rise Mental Health began supporting Pam, who recently transitioned from hospital to home. She is a very vulnerable person in her mid-sixties with no family or friends, living in her own home within the Perth metro.

During the past six months she has amazed Rise support staff and herself with enormous outcomes, too many to mention.

This is her story about the Yellow pages. Pam only knew the paper Yellow Pages book, had a landline and earlier in the year bought a mobile, but had no idea how to use it. Having some renovations done around the home, she was forever looking up contractors and with no answering service, she missed so many calls.
When Rise came on board as her support team, we supported her with training on the mobile phone. She eventually cancelled her land line, after purchasing a laptop at TADWA and signing up for some Wi-Fi. At first, she found it difficult to navigate all the new technology. Rise supported her to load her favourite radio stations on her phone and she started to use the QR code scanner out in her community. There was just no stopping her. She recently purchased her first Wi-Fi headphones.  During recent visits she spoke about gardening with her headphones on and even answering the phone while using her headphones.

This week she stated how wonderful and easy it is to search the internet for contractors and that there are so much out there. Saying; “I don’t need the old Yellow Pages anymore”

You go Pam! We can only imagine what 2022 hold in for you.

Written by Paul Theron
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