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By Rise
09 August 2022
I think we can all agree that it’s easy to feel left behind sometimes when it comes to technology. We think we’re relevant, until a 4-year-old or a teenager in our life teaches us something we didn’t know, followed by “it’s easy” and an eye roll.

At Rise, inclusivity is one of our core values and we strive to ensure it extends to all parts of the organisation. To align with our commitment to privacy, security, and a greener future, we’ve given all Rise volunteers a Rise Network email address and access to the web-based version of Microsoft Office 365 suite and the Rise Intranet.

These measures have been introduced to provide a more secure way to communicate with our volunteers and to reduce the amount of paper handling, as we move closer to a paperless world.

I am privileged to have been tasked with the roll-out and introduction of this new initiative to Rise Volunteers and am very proud to see the volunteers embracing this new process.

Enter Marie Zoghbi.

Marie volunteers 3 days a week and has done for many years at the Warwick Arts Hub. Marie had more than a few trepidations and some anxiety about sitting in front of a computer, using a mouse which she had never used before, logging-on and finding the web-browser, navigating to webmail and entering a username and password, and on top of all that, having to create a password that had a lot of pedantic requirements making it seem difficult to create. However, we found something that worked and is easy for Marie to remember. She was relieved to know that we’re all guilty of regularly forgetting our passwords and having to reset them.

I am personally inspired by her enthusiasm and willingness to adapt to something new that seemed so   foreign at first and am looking forward to meeting more volunteers who will no doubt teach me far more than I can teach them.

By Lucas Farrell (Volunteer – Admin Support)
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