Patricia Mitchell is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
07 December 2022
I am so pleased to be nominating Patricia Mitchell for the Anna Alderton award. Although I don’t work in the same team at Patricia, I do work alongside her in the Aged Care Division and our paths cross regularly.

In all the years I have worked for Rise, I have never met anyone who works so determinedly for the best outcomes for our clients. She does not shy away from tough challenges, but instead has a caring and respectful approach to resolution. I remember a difficult situation when a client and carer were in conflict regarding a respite stay. Oddly enough, the carer wanted the client home for support, while the client needed respite to recuperate. As the client reluctantly packed their bag, and the carer wasn’t answering our calls, Patricia got in her car and drove to their home. In short, it was a happy ending, the client recuperated in respite, and the carer was provided with the support they needed. A win, win. One of many.

Anyone who has met Patricia knows she is honest – I once thought too honest! But as you get to know her more, you realise this is her commitment to working at her best. She is transparent, willing to take on new ideas and always striving for the best approach, while working as a team. I think she exemplifies all of Rise values but, for me, her integrity and optimism really shine.
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