People with Disability: Recruitment with a road trip to Andrew’s Place

By Rise
11 June 2019

Six months ago the People with Disability’s Support Accommodation program  started taking potential employees on a road trip to Andrew’s Place in Parkerville. Andrew’s Place provides 24-hour care in a comfortable home environment.
We decided to do this to provide potential employees with a live demonstration of how we support people in our care and some of the challenges that may be faced. It offers potential employees the opportunity to ask questions and understand what is expected of them. The road trips are conducted every fortnight by People with Disability Program Managers Karan Cinquina and Vanessa Plunkett.


We have received plenty of positive feedback about these trips, mainly centring on how great it was to meet with our friendly and professional Rise employees and the people we support. At the end of each trip prospective employees are given the opportunity to decide if they want to complete an application form and continue with the employment process.

Overall, the road trips have been tremendously positive and we have recruited some great new employees to the Supported Accommodation program.

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