Positive Behaviour Support - Referrals now open

By Rise
17 August 2022
We all communicate to others through our behaviours. If our needs are not being met and we are unhappy, we can engage in behaviours that can be concerning and unsafe to ourselves and/or others. These are often referred to as behaviours of concern. 

PBS is an evidence-based approach that aims to increase an individual's quality of life, thereby reducing the need to engage in these behaviours of concern. This is achieved by working to understand their needs, and then assisting them and their supporters to meet these needs.

Rise is home to NDIA-registered PBS practitioners who provide a high-quality service that puts the person at the centre of their own planning. If you think PBS might be a good fit for someone you know or someone you support, why not let them know?

Our team is accepting referrals and has capacity to provide immediate PBS services. Contact Margaret at PBS@risenetwork.com.au or on 0408 946 149 for more information.
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