Potential opportunity for the people we support to share their story

By Rise
21 May 2021

We have some extraordinary people in our community who can talk from a  personal perspective about what it’s like to live as a vulnerable person.
ACOSS are conducting media training to help people share their story. Read the invitation below to find out more:
“Last week’s Federal Budget showed us that it’s more important than ever to cut through the media spin with the voices of those living the reality of the Government’s policy decisions.

To do this, we need more courageous people like yourself to have media skills and experience to share your story so we can amplify your experiences and the reality of living hungry, sick or injured, and often at risk of homelessness.

We’ve been given a special opportunity by the Economic Media Centre to run media training specifically for Raise the Rate for Good grassroots supporters like yourself. The training will cover the basics of speaking to media, preparing for interviews, and how to deal with journalists. See details below.
There are limited spaces available so please register your interest as soon as you can!”
Register here

 Originally published by ACOSS

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