Protected together!!

By Rise
01 July 2021
Hi all,  
This is team Redgum and Doubleview getting their first Pfizer vaccinations shots today. Whilst the vaccine is voluntary it is another great way to protect yourselves, your families and those that you care for so consider rolling up your sleeve for WA.

Vaccination rollout

At Rise, we believe the vaccine is one important way to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of Australians from COVID-19 - but you can choose whether you have the vaccine or not. We will support you to understand the vaccination process and provide you with relevant updates from the Commonwealth Department of Health.
Whilst we will not be making it mandatory for our employees, we will encourage all our staff to be vaccinated. Vaccination can save lives, and higher vaccination rates can make outbreaks much less likely.  A COVID-19 vaccine is just one part of keeping our community safe and healthy and our staff will also continue to maintain safe practises, as we have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including hand hygiene and physical distancing.

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