Pure Joy

By Rise
03 April 2023
Stefano's joy when he completes challenges and tasks he has never tried before makes your day brighter. 

At Aubin House, Aruna and Stefano were working on the new menu planner. We couldn't get the text  marks off the planner because it was old. I asked Stefano if we should make a new roster. Stefano said yes. Amanda and Stefano sat down and made a new weekly roster. The result is Stefano learning new skills and doing things for the first time. Stefano learned how to laminate and shred papers. Shredding is now his favorite job. When asked if he'd like to water the garden or shred more. The chosen task was shredding.

While we were laminating I asked Stefano if he could write his name on the back of a piece of paper. We then printed and laminated Stefano's name so he could trace it. The joy on his face when he completes his name makes my day brighter.

Stefano is super proud of himself and continues to support Amanda in the office. 

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