Purrrfect Love: Get behind the real love story of Jack and Rose

By Rise
10 March 2022

The film Titanic may have had rave reviews and Oscar awards, but it was still always missing one thing: cats. Thankfully, the crew at Rise’s supported accommodation home, Redgum, are sharing a real love story and tribute to James Cameron’s classic - their feline friends and housemates – Jack and Rose. (Okay, it’s actually Rosie, but we’re using creative licence.)


Support Jack & Rosie  

Jack and Rosie do so much for the housemates at Redgum that we thought it only fair we do what we can to help these two lovestruck felines. Unfortunately, Rosie is getting on in age and now requires extra vet treatments, and specialised food to ensure she can stay with Jack and her friends at Redgum.   

We’re asking everyone to get behind this epic love story. Twice a week you’ll be able to enter “Rosie’s Raffle” and go into the draw to win an exclusive gift, simply by making a small donation on that day. Look out for the first one early next week! 

Read their full love story below. 


Where it all began: When Jack and Rosie fell in love  

Jack first became part of the Redgum clan in August 2016, possibly by winning a ticket in a poker game.  Like his namesake, Jack has been well loved by the residents and staff and loves to cosy up to everyone, leaving his fur as a sign of his love and appreciation.  He has a big heart, like his big hair, and beautiful nature.  Jack is certainly not a third-class passenger at Redgum and was the centre of attention, being the only cat at Redgum until he met Rosie.  

Rosie moved into Redgum with her owner in June 2019.  As in the film, it took Rosie a while to see Jack’s charm, but true to the script, Jack was instantly smitten with Rosie and their friendship finally blossomed.  They are inseparable now and the clients and staff have the joy of two pets in their home, which provides twice the cuddles and love for everyone to enjoy.  You will often find Rosie and Jack lazing outside together or snuggling with the clients on their beds.   

Unfortunately, Rosie’s owner passed in 2020 and Rosie has continued to live at Redgum as everyone, especially Jack, had formed such a close bond with her.  Rosie is getting on in age and now requires special care and senior cat food to stay healthy. NDIS does not fund companion animals and Redgum would like to continue to have Rosie and Jack living together as long as possible, surrounded by the wonderful people who care for them and who have formed precious relationships over the years.  

Aside from entering Rosie’s Raffle, you can also donate direct here – just a couple of dollars to keep this pawsitively enchanting romance alive would be fantastic. 

And, if you too feel the film Titanic would have been even better with a cat, here’s a little interpretation we found, but can take no credit for: YouTube Clip 

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