Quality mental health care should be available to all West Australians

By Rise
15 May 2020
Media Report from:  http://preventsupportheal.org.au/
COMMUNITY mental health services have proven their weight in gold during the COVID-19 pandemic supporting people with mental health challenges in their own homes, and often remotely, to ensure hospitals are available to respond to the virus.
Despite increased demand and shifting to an isolated work environment, the response by the community mental health sector has vindicated the long-held call for proper and immediate increased investment in community-based services now and beyond the pandemic.
A new state election campaign called Prevent Support Heal has been launched by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) to secure a boost in funding for WA community mental health services to address the persistent over-reliance and expenditure on hospital-based services. As the State and Federal Governments look toward a social, health and economic recovery beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prevent Support Heal campaign will detail how the mental health sector can contribute to that recovery with proper investment in these services.
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