Reconciliation Week 2021

By Rise
27 May 2021
Today marks the first day of Reconciliation Week for 2021.

We will be sharing some stories from our team during the week:

Raelene Woods, Aged Care Support Worker 
(Raelene Woods pictured with volunteer Greta Boyce).

"My name is Raelene and I am a proud Aboriginal lady. I want to start by paying my respect to the local Noongar Wadjuk people past and present."
I have seen many people commit to reconciliation. It is about respect and acknowledgement of both indigenous and our non-indigenous Australian people coming together to merge as one in the same direction of the future. It is about embracing the oldest culture on mother earth and the new found culture we have today.
Our mutual respect for each other is getting stronger by the year and we have come a long way with the education of the old history and the new. Looking in from our other countries, we are fast growing to become the leading country of the world. I want us all to embrace our time and effort to make tomorrow a better place as Australia has lots to offer and provide for us all.
Please take a moment to think on how we can come together to be one.

I want to thank you for your time and I hope we all can enjoy what is yet to come."

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