Rise Bushfire Update - 8.02

By Rise
08 February 2021

Please follow https://www.emergency.wa.gov.au/ for most up to date information. 

Monday Updates - 08.02.21

  • All  bushfire affected areas are now in blue/green zone  so services can re-commence.  There are still some road closures so check before you go https://travelmap.mainroads.wa.gov.au/Home/Map
  • Kyeema returning today
  • The crisis response team is stood down for bushfires

Updates - 05.02.21

  • Evacuate red/yellow zones and LG will review blues zones on a case-by-case basis.
  • Nobody should return to Rise premises/homes until an LG member has provided clearance even if it seems safe/has gone to a white or blue zone.  No return will be allowed into a red or yellow zone.  Returns to a blue zone or white zone will be confirmed on a case by case basis.
  • Several Hills areas still under particular threat
  • Wahroonga, Parkerville, Pioneer, Milperra, Buckland, Jiemba are out of the blue zone and in the white zone; they can all be used.  Kyeema is still in the yellow zone and should not be used until further notice
  • All staff are safe and accounted for – either safe at home or safely evacuated.   Previous paid leave arrangements will still apply
  • Justine Colyer (0412 033 949) will be the LG rep working with on call Friday 5 February through to 4pm Monday 8 February with exception of Saturday 6 February 7am – 5pm which will be covered by Suzanna Robertson (0408 926 912)
  • Staff who attend the AllRise skype meetings will be paid for their attendance if they are not normally working at that time
  • EAP has recently stated they can provide an appointment within 48 hours; or immediately if there is an emergency
  • We will confirm predicted EAP availability and additional support measures for staff wellbeing after immediate crisis

Thursdays Updates - 04.02.2021 


  • Evacuation principles remain the same - evacuate red/yellow zones and review blues zones on a case-by-case basis)
  • Several areas remain under particular threat today from bushfires
  • The DFES Facebook site has links to video updates about bushfires and community meetings facebook.com/dfeswa
  • There is no change currently to the status of Rise premises
  • All staff are safe and accounted for – either safe at home or safely evacuated.  Some staff have been able to return home or are hoping to today
  • Confirmation of LG member monitoring alerts –Justine Colyer and on-call TBC for the day and night of 4/2/21.  Justine’s mobile is 0412 033949
  • Evacuation information for Rise residential premises is being updated to include more information about how to evacuate/protect pets
  • Additional mobiles have been provided to some higher risk supported accommodation phones. 

Clarification on DFES alerts:

Leadership Group receives regular email alerts from DFES about any emergencies/issues around the State.  Rise takes responsibility for passing on this information to working staff about advises on what to do in the circumstances.  This takes place unless there are agreed, specific alternative arrangements in place – eg Active overnight shifts in supported accommodation currently monitor all supported accommodation, Kira and Milperra, report to on-call who then contact an LG member.
It is up to each staff member to decide what best suits them for their personal circumstances and how they check on DFES updates.  Although they might hear information from Rise as well, they should not depend on it for anything other than for Rise premises.

Clarification on paid leave:

All staff who need to take time off to attend to property in a yellow/red zone (regardless of the particular circumstances) will be paid for the time away that they would normally be working.  Let your manager know when you leave and return to work.
We know some people have had sleepless nights for a range of reasons (either work or personal circumstances).  We do need you to be fit for work and not risk the safety and wellbeing of yourself and others by pushing through.  It is completely understandable that some people are exhausted or stressed –if this is you, speak to your manager and work out what’s best for you, including taking leave if need be.  Look after yourselves! 
We will confirm all final weekend arrangements related to Covid lockdown/bushfires by Friday 3.30 at the latest.  Where details are still unclear, we will provide advice on the safest possible and most cautious option for the weekend.
There have been some great stories about our partner organisations checking in and helping out – Good Sammies, Westpac Bank, PWC and all the usual people we work with.
Despite being some of the busiest people in Perth right now, you are still the calmest and most supportive people I know. 
Stay safe today everyone!
Thanks, Justine Coleyer (CEO).


[Please note, the video has some COVID and Bushfire Info]. 
  • We continue to evacuate homes and offices in the red and yellow DFES zones. Staff are to confirm with Simon Robbins once premises evacuated. Homes and offices in the blue zones are to be ready to evacuate on advice from LG/CERT team. Do not return until given permission to do so.
  • There is currently a large blue zone which we are not evacuating at present as it is due to smoke rather than fire danger.
  • A meeting for evacuees only will be held today at 1pm at Brown Park, Swan View. People in the Shady Hills estate area are under particular threat today
  • All Rise staff are currently safe; either back at home or safely evacuated.  The Milperra chickens are also safe!
  • Simon Robbins will work with Justine Colyer and on-call to cover DFES alerts and responses for the day/night of 3 Feb. 
  • Staff and community needing temporary housing (not Rise clients which is being handled by Simon Robbins) can be found here  https://www.homehub.org.au.  The community can also offer their vacant property/rooms through this hub, so please help if you can. 
  • Contingency evacuation, medication and accommodation plans are in place for supported accommodation.
  • Peter Anderton Centre remains the evacuation centre unless other premises/homes have been confirmed. Access instructions here Anderton Access Procedures.docx If you do not have a fob, ask your program manager.
  • All relevant clients and tenants have been contacted for welfare checks and to provide updated information about their services
  • Masks will be distributed at Peter Anderton, Wembley centre car park (40 Alexander Street), Yirra Mia on Thursday from 9-10am and 2-3pm.  We have plenty of masks –we do not need to panic or hoard.
Tuesdays Updates - 02.02.2021 

[The first half of the video has the main messages about Bushfires]. 

  • We will evacuate all homes and Rise premises in red and yellow DFES zones.  Staff and clients will be informed that community services will not be delivered in these areas

  • Please continue to be patient as the schedulers work through a huge volume of changes

  • Andrea Kelly will confirm the code in Procura for cancellations

  • Homes and premises in blue zones are to be prepared to evacuate but only do so on the advice of LG/CERT.  Suzanna Robertson is currently monitoring DFES on behalf of Rise

  • Detailed instructions about PWD bushfire instructions are in the attached emails and only required by those working operationally

  • Peter Anderton Centre will replace Mundaring for distribution of PPE today from 10-11 and 2-3 (sms already sent on this matter)

  • Peter Anderton Centre will become the default evacuation centre for all clients not assigned a residential property (and will become the head office if Helen’s Place needs to close).  Confirmation will be sent shortly on when it is open and how to access it.

  • The Property Team to contact tenants in ILP properties in red, yellow and blue zones to check they are aware of DFES warnings

  • All staff should prioritise their own/family/property safety and wellbeing and leave work to attend to those matters if need be after informing their line manager. 

  • The need to potentially bring together different groups/households is more important than sticking to the Covid requirements around separation.  PPE, sanitation and social distancing should be followed.

  • Please only contact Belinda Dicker, not Nita Maritz, until further notice about PPE.  Clear masks have been purchased but will not arrive for some time.  Please refer to previous message about communication with clients in that instance

  • Several staff have worked through the night – please do not contact Shaun Mays, Toni Tejada, Angie Jeffrey, Mallik Koppula, Carmen Watene for the remainder of 2 Feb 2021.  Contact Anne Maroni or Justine Colyer instead.

  • Keep an eye out for each other – even if your home is not directly impacted right now, you may well have family and friends who are impacted, spent the night awake keeping watch on DFES or feeling anxious from having gone through bushfires in previous years.  DO NOT push yourself through work if you are feeling at all anxious, over tired or vulnerable but speak to your line manager about what is best for you and how we can help you.  EAP and a whole range of other support is available if you ask.

Take care and thanks to you all again for remaining so calm and reassuring during this doubly difficult time.

Justine Colyer

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