Rise Celebrates Milestone as Six Ladies Mark 5 Years of Dedication and Excellence

By Rise
14 August 2023
In a celebration of dedication and remarkable accomplishments, Rise Wembley marked a significant milestone as six talented ladies commemorated their 5-year work anniversary. This occasion served as a testament to their unwavering commitment, exceptional skills, and invaluable contributions to Rise Wembley’s growth and continued success.

In 2018, Rise took over the day centre’s aged care services from the Town of Cambridge’s Joan Watters Community Centre Wembley. These six ladies transferred from the Town of Cambridge and from day one, have embodied the Rise values and its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to these remarkable individuals who have demonstrated outstanding talent and professionalism since joining the organisation a half decade ago.

The six ladies, namely Erin Boyd, Kerin Hall, Cortney Sivewright, Jacinta Fitzgerald, Jenny Blair, Maria Longo, and Diana Watters, have consistently demonstrated their passion and dedication in their respective roles, each of them playing a valuable role in the organisations ongoing success and significantly contributing to its culture.

(Pictured from Left): Cortney Sivewright, Maria Longo, Jacinta Fitzgerald

As a token of appreciation, each of the six ladies (Diana not pictured) received a personalised certificate and five-year commemorative pin.

Congratulations again Erin Boyd, Kerin Hall, Cortney Sivewright, Jacinta Fitzgerald, Jenny Blair, Maria Longo and Diana Watters on this milestone, and may your future endeavours be filled with continued success and fulfillment.
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