Rise Culture, Inclusion & Diversity Roadmap

By Rise
25 August 2022
At Rise, we believe that to have an enjoyable place to work starts with an inclusive, supportive and accountable culture where people from all walks of life find a place to belong, do their best work and make a difference to our community. The work on creating and maintaining this workplace culture started a long time ago at Rise and remains a focus for all of us, especially the leaders at Rise.
This roadmap summarises where we have come from, the great foundation that has been laid for the path and work ahead. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact Aileen Fang, Manager Inclusion & Diversity. A poster copy of the roadmaps will also be sent around to each Rise locations for you to access.
Look out for our Culture Survey coming to you in mid-September, this is our next step in checking in with you to see how we’re doing and whether our workplace culture is supporting you to do your best work!
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