Rise has "new look" branding

By Rise
04 October 2018
The Communications and Marketing Team (C&M) are very excited to share with you the latest information and developments around our "new look" branding. 

Out with the old grey logo and in with our new explosion of colours. 

*Please note, there are no longer specific service area colours (yellow for mental health etc). The merging of colours represents how Rise is moving into more integrated services. We are one team!

Stand out, shine, be colourful. 

Rise tells real stories about real people. The photography and images we use are not about pity or welfare. They are celebratory and show people making valuable contributions to society (for example - see Eddie above at Rise Creatives and his amazing artwork!) The images are stereotype busting! 

You'll also notice that the wording we use both internally and externally is plain english and avoids any jargon.

We encourage all staff to use this type of wording in their Rise communications.

We hope you agree, this new look really reflects the welcoming and celebratory values at Rise.

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