Rise Pet Competition Winners

By Rise
27 May 2020

From high fiving pooches to toilet trained kittens, it certainly wasn't easy for HR Manager, Jodie McLean to decide who are our ultimate pet winners were. 

The following pets have won a fabulous $30 Uber Eats voucher for their owners:

Sarah Royal's, German Shepherd "Asha" came first place in the Beauty category.

While Stephanie Fewster's Worm Farm took out the prize for the ugliest pet.

Bethany Comley looked scarily like her cat "Hayley".

While Kirill Evan's cat "Foxie" has undeniable talents including peeing directly into the loo.

Congratulations to you all!


“This is Chester 10 weeks.” Sarah Maher

“Myla – our 7yo long haired Miniature Daschund posing for a photo.” Belinda Shipp

“Missy and Romeo both enjoying their new warm beds on a cold day.” Julie Exeter

View the latest entries in the video below:

Emily has sent us this photo, “This is my Gracie girl (White) and her boyfriend Frankie. They have been in a relationship since they were 10 weeks old. They are now 6 years old and still in love”.


Cortney's brings us "Mikey Mike. Hobbies include sitting in herb pots...

Another day, another pot...

Caius says, "This my beautiful fluffy Knox.  


Helen Lucy's entry :) 


“This is my cuddly boy Yoshi. No matter which of my pets I call for a cuddle, he always thinks I mean him.” Karen Wittcomb

“This is my girl Sasha before her recent haircut. She does love to dress up!
Karen Wittcomb

“My baby Mainecoon cat Bacchus. He’s 5kg at 5 months so going to be huge… but such a smooch.” Karen Wittcomb

“Mr Spot has had a hard life, as he was the only one to survive from a very large litter, and was adopted through SAFE - Karratha.  As you can see Mr Spot is exceptionally unhappy, as his Mummy had bought him a new coat to keep warm, and as you can see he didn’t like it and wouldn’t move from that spot (no pun intended), until I removed his coat , as he had sat in that position for 20 minutes without moving.  I love Mr Spot as he is my love and my fur baby, and he is very cute.” Monica Low

“Our beautiful dogs Ollie and Maggie. We got Ollie after our old dog passed away. Poor Maggie was very low after losing her friend. As you can see they have been close ever since.” Nicole Degraaf

“Copper the kitten loves being carried up high and looking down on his kingdom.” Carmel Pascoe

“The Beauty.” Jodie McLean

“My girl Lacey is such a pretty girl. A little shy at first but then will love you to death.” Julie Payne

"This is Connie. I brought her for my partner’s and I 6 month anniversary. She is gorgeous and has a heck of an attitude." Rhiarn Snowden 

"My handsome little fella – Jasper” Cara Sinclair

“This is Ginger Ninja and his mum Princess Crabtree…Mum is still spoiling her son and as you see, he does not do much except lay around a lap up the attention!” Margaret Bates


“This is our Mo, our beautiful curious 9 year old wire haired Dachshund” Anita Geraedts

“This is our Cooper, our crazy 2 year old rescue who loves balls and the trampoline” Anita Geraedts

"Chevy the poser!" Sarah Azar

“This is Tickles the 18 month old Stimson python, he is super cuddly and love hanging around the kitchen free to roam.” Ashley Wibberley

"This is Milo, my blue Heeler." Sarah Hewer

Kristi Reinelt's best mate Kia

Check out Kelly's baby boy, Maui. He is so adorable Kelly provided us with this picture-perfect collage!


Matthew has sent two beautiful pics of Jensen, The German Shepherd. Jensen loves car rides and pretending to be a good boy...? (tee-hee). 



Jennifer's beautiful babies Miss Moo & Mr Grambles


Bethany has multiple kitty-kat entries - the first is "her girl" Hayley


Breanna Jackson Reid's Kodi, loves bring his Ratty to his mamma to get her attention.

And competing for Breanna's attention is Abigail Meriweather, who refuses to let her brother Kodi near her toy.

Introducing Illy, Bethany Clark's beautiful dalmation.

Check out Sarah Royal's stunning white German Shepherd Asha.

And The Beast

“I was named “Fat Pillow” by being exactly that, a big fluffy fat pillow.  I purposely like to get my claw stuck in my cat scratcher so I can use that as an excuse to take a nap on the floor.  Day 742…. Seems to be working well, my human hasn’t figured it out yet…” Jessica Nagy

Kerylee Barac: “Out of Iso, Off to the pub with me mate Zac , oh what a hangover” – Layla

Stephanie Fewster:

“I used to have a Staffy girl;  she is no more And whilst I would prefer a furry paw, One day,  I will have a dog again.  Until then worms will have to do!  At least I don’t have to pick up their poo!  Instead, they give me lots of castings and eat all my scraps. So, it's not as sad as it seems. They are great little chaps!

Janet Moody

“And this is my 14 year old beast – Tiger” Cara Sinclair

Bethany's second entry is Hayley's brother - Harley! - aka, "the beast".


Alison Senior's Tye loves a massage.

Like Pet Like Owner

“Celebrity look alike – spitting image right here!” Rebecca Kennedy

“Chadwick and Paige as twins.” Anne Maroni

“Layla & Mumma” Kerylee Barac

"Like Pet Like Owner (we both love to sleep!)” Jodie McLean

“Olly and I are both quite partial to flannel in the colder weather.” Danielle Roberts

“Like pet like owner?! haha!” Cara Sinclair

The first of our like pet like owner entries comes from Bethany. The eyes are identical! 


Alison shares with us Duggie and the Hubby! 


My Pet's Got Talent

Kirill Ivans

"Hi, My name is Beau, I have a talent for demanding attention from my people. Its ever better now they are all working from home!" Georgia Shipp

“Baby Bacchus kitty is new to this game but he’s not doing too badly.” Karen Wittcomb

“Milperra’s entry for talented pets…. Racing chickens.” Karen Wittcomb

“This is Lily and she just loves doing tricks for rewards.” Sandra McKeon

“If I pull my paws in like this I get greater elevation” Matthew Farmer

“Chad the wonder dog.” Anne Maroni

“Meet my gorgeous girl, Emjay, who wants to try her luck out in the ‘My pets got talent’ category of course.” Tara Kelly

“Patches is with no more but he liked to help  with the dishes.” Chris Crawford

“Geraldine can tell me the weather. Today is a bit sunny.” Fiona Durrant

“This is Jinx, our one year old Kelpie. My daughter is training her to sit, left & right paws, high five.” Trish O'Neil

“My Pet’s Got (no) Talent.” Jodie McLean

“My Lacey is talented and can balance treats over her head and body without moving or touching.” Julie Payne

“Maui wanted to share his interest in music.“ Kelly Flynn

“Nala the cat is very special, she is so special (and beautiful) that she thinks that she can be Rise’s next top employee!  As you can see she has been doing a fantastic job of coming to work every day and is extremely focused, her work ethic is astounding….Could she be next in line for Justine’s Trophy of the day??” Lydia Wharrad

"I’m ready for my close up." Sarah Hewer

"Action shot!! Flying high and chasing balls." Sarah Hewer 

"Just sharing our two highly tolerant cats, Tom (the white one) and Kitty Softpaws (the chocolate point one), going for a walk in their special kitty backpacks." Polly Klante

Kristi's Zoo got talent (note - not all are "pets"!).


Bethany's Hayley is up next, showing off his amazing HIDING skills! (how can you say that isn't talent?).


Last but not least of Breanna Jackson-Reid's entries, is Harold Winston who amazingly survived a snake bite!!


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