Rise staff get sciencey at Scitech

By Rise
12 August 2019

Staff unwind at Scitech

Rise now has more than 700 staff stretching across the whole metropolitan area, so it was a good chance for people to meet or catch up.

Staff were able to invite their families along to Scitech to join in the fun.

Rise CEO Justine Colyer said she was delighted to see so many people enjoy the evening.

We really wanted to put on a good event to thank you for all the hard work you do for Rise and the community – for your professionalism, friendliness, optimism and good humour through lots of change.

A special shout out to the events committee who did a fantastic job.  It was a massive turnout and it was great to see so many staff and families there.

We love a good dress up party at Rise! Our executives were greeting staff at the door dressed in scientist costumes. Lots of staff put in a lot of effort too. There was everything Leila and Hans Solo from Star Wars, creepy aliens, and space themed skirts!

It’s important to take a moment to reward our staff for their hard work. And we recognise that families are an important part of the lives of staff.

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