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By Rise
18 September 2020

Hazel lives at the rear of a large block in the Perth Hills. Having significant vision impairment, Hazel can no longer drive.  Recently, Hazel had an annual health check carried out by Cheryl, a Community Health Nurse employed by the Glen Forrest Medical Centre.  Cheryl has been doing these checks for more than 75 clients over the past 16 years!

During the assessment it was identified that Hazel could benefit from a Personal Alarm with automatic fall detection.  Cheryl contacted Rise and made a referral.  Rise ordered the alarm and when it arrived, Hazel’s Coordinator went out to visit to demonstrate how to use it.  We tested out use of the SOS button, the automatic fall detection and how to make a phone call to her son, using the pendant just like a mobile phone!  If Hazels son was not available to pick up the alert it would automatically dial 000. Being waterproof we assured Hazel it could be worn in the shower and just needed be dried off before placing in the charger unit once a day.  Hazel was pleased that the alarm could go everywhere with her and keep her safe.

Hazel and Cheryl (Nurse)

Rise also received a call from the Regional Assessment Service to enquire if Rise could support a client, Gay, with a personal alarm. Gay has a history of multiple back surgeries with resultant leg nerve damage causing reduced strength and numbness in her legs and feet, which affects her balance.

Damien, Gay's son, is on a disability pension and helps the best he can with daily tasks around the home. Her other children live interstate so it would be difficult to manage without Damien's support.  Gay currently receives support with Transport, Gardening and Domestic Assistance through Rise.

As Gay has a high risk of falling, she will benefit from the personal alarm as it will support safety and independence when she is home alone or out in the community.

Gay and her Coordinator, Kay

Rise is pleased to be able to support people to maintain their independence and stay in their own homes and living their best life.

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