Rocking and Rolling in Fremantle

By Rise
19 May 2023

Hi Rise Fam!

Jim & Scott here! We recently took advantage of the High Voltage/ Bon Scott celebration in Fremantle.
I love hanging out with Jim as he is passionate about Rock & Roll music.

Scott: What artists do you enjoy listening to Jim?
Jim: “Elvis, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Frank Zappa & Little Richard”.

Scott: In particular ACDC & Bon Scott, right?
Jim: “He’s a good singer!”

We entered a busy and bustling Fremantle oval, greeted by friendly event staff who guided us to the “pit” of the crowd with a great view of the stage and an excellent Welcome to Country Ceremony.

We enjoyed the first act, playing air drums along to the beat.

Scott: But you’re a man of the people aren’t you, Jim?
Jim: “Yes Love!”

So, we roamed the outskirts of the crowd. Jim, fully in his element shaking hands, high fiving fellow Rock & Roller’s, smoking darts & downing beers (0% if you were so intrigued). All in the spirit of Bon Scott!

We followed the roaming trucks and music out of the oval and into the streets. Fremantle was full of energy where many fun conversations were had.

We set ourselves the challenge of making our way to Bon Scott’s statue where we watched more High Voltage Rock & Roll on stage, plus mingled amongst a bag piping band.

We both share a love of record stores where we rifled through preowned vinyl and listened to a few records, then over the road to flick through flash at the Tattoo Studio.

Scott: Jim do you remember offering to tattoo the receptionist?
Jim: “Ha Ha, no love”.

Surprisingly they declined.

So much fun was had roaming blocked streets, usually owned by rolling cars, but on this occasion a high-spirited Jimmy and myself.

Scott: I loved sharing raucous times with you Jim and look forward to seeing you thrive in the community at other music events!

I think Bon Scott himself would have approved of our antics, “Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap” indeed!

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