Romance in Italy… A story to melt your heart

By Rise
11 May 2022
Covid has been hard for many people, not in the least Joan, who often stays with us at Milperra Cottage. Joan met her partner many years ago but, Covid put a stop to their meeting when travel ceased. You see Joe, her partner, lives in America. Joan lives here in WA.

So, they carried on their relationship, for two years, over Facetime. Every Tuesday and every Saturday, Joe and Joan would chat. I do remember Joan saying to us after one of these Facetime calls, ‘It is lovely to talk to him, but it’s not the same as a hug’.

Slowly the world is changing, and travel has opened. We heard Joan has booked a trip to Italy at the end of May, for two months. Joe is meeting her there. Swoon….

We couldn’t miss this opportunity to celebrate with Joan, and a special Italian luncheon was planned. Support worker, Kristi took the lead on the day, with Tracey supporting her. Milperra staff backed them up, with olives leaves brought in for displays and homemade tiramisu prepared. It was so beautiful, and the lunch was a celebration of Italian cuisine.
Joan was thrilled.

When I sent photos to Joan’s daughter, she responded by email: Please share this story with the world - this is how aged care services should work. You and your team are amazing. You have made my heart sing.

So proud of all the Milperra Team and Buon Viaggio to Joan, we will be thinking of you. ❤

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