Sarah Maher is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
28 November 2022
Nomination 1
Sarah Maher has received multiple compliments from clients throughout the year for being caring, professional and kind in the way that she supports her AC Community clients.

One particular client, who lives with advanced dementia, is supported by Sarah during a respite service which allows her husband to carry out chores on their large property, knowing that she is in good care with Sarah whilst she engages in meaningful activities with her. The client's husband has shared on numerous occasions that he is very appreciative of Sarah's kind approach, which his wife responds well to. He feels that not only is his wife well supported by Sarah's professional and caring ways, he feels supported by that as well. The client's husband particularly appreciated Sarah's concern recently, when he was in a great deal of pain with his back and Sarah was very attentive to both their needs.

The client has been very vocal about singing Rise's praises to others (including on social media) due to this. Another client who lives alone and doesn't have many friends or family in his life, was pleasantly surprised when Sarah attended the service, armed with a cupcake and a candle on his birthday, which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. This is a clear example of the genuine care that she provides to the clients that she supports and that impact that this has on them.

These examples embody Rise's values of being: -Respectful to all her clients -Welcoming in making her clients feel that they belong -Optimism in persevering when challenging situations present themselves during services and -Integrity in supporting clients in a kind and professional manner at all times Therefore Sarah is worthy of recognition for the way in which she embodies the values of Rise in her daily work and deserves to be recognised by her peers for this.
Nomination 2
Sarah demonstrate all rise values she loves her job and it shows when we work together, Sarah is a very humble person with a great attitude always putting in 100%
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