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By Rise
19 November 2020
To give you a bit of background, Wooroloo Prison Farm have been visiting Milperra for many, many years as part of their community work. We welcome them roughly every six weeks when they work on our garden. They are always a great bunch of guys who work hard and are very respectful. They offer suggestions for improvement and often expert advice if it’s been their area of industry prior to their ‘stay’ at the Farm.

After every visit we thank them for what they do for us – 8 men working for 3 hours – that’s a lot of manpower! So, we were shocked to hear that some facilities they visit never say thank you to the guys. All their communication is through the Prison Farm Officer only. Surely, they deserve more appreciation and respect than that?

After reflecting on this, Jemma Gericevich penned this beautiful letter to the Commissioner.

And this is his response:
"It is wonderful to hear from a long-time supporter and representative of the local community" .... click here to continue reading

Thank someone today… they’ll really appreciate it ❤❤
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