Scott Perry is today’s Anna Alderson Nominee!

By Rise
24 November 2022

Scott is a wonderful person and an even better support worker. He's always gone above and beyond in his role for the clients he supports.

We all forget sometimes, and our personal life catches up to us but Scott will always put the clients and their happiness first. I've observed him staying behind long after his shift has finished just to help out, coming in earlier. He's put on karaoke nights, movie nights, brought his previous bartending skills into the house for mocktails, cooking, any activity you can think of.

Scott has gone above and beyond by doing more than his share of the workload and all without a grumble either. His number 1 priority is the people he supports, their health and their happiness. Not to mention that Scott also took the initiative to get all of the clients out of Parkerville house during the bushfire, without the use of vans organising all the clients to get into the staff's personal cars.
I've worked with Rise a long time, and I know that Scott never had disability support experience before this job. But he's a rare breed and hands down one of the best colleagues I've come across in a decade.

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