Seniors explore Perth and connect with the community thanks to dedicated volunteers

By Rise
12 May 2022
“I last rode 67 years ago,” Lyn Richards said. Lyn and the members of Rise’s Wembley Community Centre were able to enjoy a trishaw ride thanks to the dedication of a special team of volunteers.

Giovanni is a volunteer driver at Rise and loves taking older people to some of the most picturesque spots around Perth. Today he drove members to Lake Monger for their cycling adventure. “He’s an excellent driver, Lyn said. “He drives me up and down the coast. “I like going out and meeting people. It’s good to have someone to talk to besides the cat.”

Giovanni is passionate about supporting older people. He decided to volunteer at Rise when he was unable to continue in his previous role due to a leg injury. “Older people have so much to give, and they just need someone to listen. I wish they can share their experiences with younger people,” Giovanni said.
When members arrived at Lake Monger, they were greeted by the volunteer riders from Cycling without Age. Marjolijn Goodrich has been taking people on bike rides for over 5 years. “Cycling is a passion so being able to help others along the way is fantastic. Clients get a real thrill out of it,” Marjolijn said.
Before long Lyn and the other members are enjoying the wind in their hair and the beautiful birdlife as they cruise around the lake. However, the most powerful thing about today's adventure is the opportunity to form friendships and connect with others.
Do you know someone who enjoys driving?
Rise is looking for volunteer drivers to support people in the local community to get to appointments. To find out more, send an email to
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