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By Rise
19 March 2021

"We are pleased to say that the ‘It’s time to care about aged care’ petition now has over 20,000 signatures.  That’s over 20,000 times that Members of Parliament have been automatically emailed with the Australian Aged Care Collaboration’s report, highlighting the issues.
Let’s continue  to create a groundswell of support for this campaign, which our politicians across Government and the Opposition cannot ignore. We all deserve to age in comfort and with dignity, wherever we live. 

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People power works! Encourage others to care about aged care.
Aged care is everyone's concern. Whether it's now, or in the future, and whether they realise it or not - all Australians have a personal investment in the way our aged care system looks and works. Encourage friends and family to sign the petition by sharing it via email, social media, or in conversation."

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