Special guest at Milperra Cottage

By Rise
11 June 2019

Meet Max… and Max

Max was due to have a stay at Milperra cottage recently. But his pink and grey galah, also called Max, was sick and required daily medication.

Max was worried about her and wanted to make sure she got her drops. So he asked if Max the Galah could come too.

Aged Care Program Manager Stephanie Fewster said

We asked if Max the Galah was noisy or if she was likely to fly away. Max said she was very quiet and liked to sit in her cage and sometimes on top of it. She usually didn’t do much flying around and Max thought she would say put.  We also checked with other Milperra residents to make sure nobody had any problems with Max the Galah.

Of course we had to make sure her antibiotic drops were clearly labelled and kept in the locked area with all the other medications.  Twice a day Max held her beak open and one of our team carefully squeezed in the antibiotics.

For fun, the staff made up a sign sheet for Max the Galah’s medication drops – after all she was one of the residents now!

Max took really good care of Max the Galah – cleaned her cage every day and made sure she was fed and happy.  He also kept track of when her medications were due.

Milperra Cottage

Max is a regular guest at Milperra Cottage. Milperra is a Rise aged care facility located in beautiful Mount Helena that offers respite services.

Respite is important for care-givers so they can take a bit of time out from their caring role and recharge their batteries.

Max was really happy he was allowed to have his bird stay with him at Milperra while she was sick.

They have been together for 20 years!

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