Spread the message about Cervical cancer and help save lives

By Rise
11 October 2022
As 70% of Australian women who develop cervical cancer are under screened or have never been screened, people with disabilities (PWD) are at an increased risk of developing cervical cancer and are therefore a priority population for prevention initiatives. Having regular screening tests is the best way to protect against cervical cancer. SECCA has created a booklet and brochure about the Cervical Screening Test.
Download Your Guide to Cervical Screening Book here.  

Barriers for people with disability from accessing cervical screening may include:
  • clinic accessibility
  • physical limitations such as a lack of suitable cervical screening equipment (i.e. adjustable beds and hoists)
  • assumptions held by some medical providers or carers that cervical screening is not a priority for people with a disability, perceiving them incorrectly as not sexually active.
  • past medical or sexual trauma
  • ambivalence towards the test
  • availability of accessible, Easy English information, and resources in other formats (e.g., audio and video)
  • physical, sensory and communication barriers
  • bad experiences with healthcare providers in the past
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