Staff Event: Cast your vote!

By Rise
21 January 2021

Greetings from Marketing and Communications (Alison, Garry and Shaun)!

Given that we were unable to hold a Rise Staff Event last year (COVID-19 messed up our plans!), we’re busily planning for a March event instead, date to be confirmed. 

This will be a family day for Rise staff and volunteers, with partners and kids welcome as well.

As this event is a time to come together and thank you for all your hard work, it's only right that you get a say in what we do. So we have two questions for you to consider.

QUESTION ONE: What should we do? VOTE in the comments below. It’s as simple as that. 😊

1.      A Day Out at Adventure World (Limit of four tickets per Rise worker family)

2.      Movie Night at Telethon Community Cinema (Limit of eight tickets per Rise worker family)

3.      Family Day on South Perth Foreshore (inflatables, tug of war, family/team games). (unlimited tickets to Rise worker family)

QUESTION TWO: Should we hold two of the same events? This will provide more options for deciding which one to attend (as you will be only able to attend one) and allow the people who are on shift to attend one of the events?  VOTE by commenting either YES or NO for Question Two.

The below might impact your voting decision – so please consider when casting your vote 😊

  • Transport and parking to and from the venue is not covered by Rise.
  • You will not not paid to attend the event as it will be held outside of hours.
  • If we do NOT hold two events, then the people on shift will receive some form of recognition TBA.

Please encourage everyone at Rise  to take part – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HELP US DECIDE!  

You have until 22nd January.

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