Sunday Funday - Mental Health Walk

By Rise
21 October 2021

What a beautiful Sunday morning…. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, my kids were whining (haha) the air was fresh and it was a perfect setting to finish off the Mental Health Week celebrations.

My 4 year old and 9 year old came out with their mumma, to join in on the 5km walk…(as you can see in the pics he was super excited) lol

I felt it was fitting considering Mental Health Week this year was all about the kids and how it starts with them…(that and I didn’t want to look like a loner, so I pretty much made them come)…

We got to the carpark at the lovely Perry Lakes reserve and were only chased by a few magpies (which my 4 year old thought was hilarious) stating “mummy that bird tried to sit on my head”.. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, well no son he was actually trying to swoop on you and peck your eyes out… but we will leave that for another time…

Anyway, off we went and approached the Mental Health Foundation signs and were just in time to warm up with a dance off to the “Macerena”, of course I was well aware of this dance… however my 2 little boys… not so much.

After our dance warm up, few speeches, group picture, a little goodie bag to take home and we were OFF!

Within 10 short minutes my kids had decided they were hungry, and needed to stop for a break, also advising me that we had been walking for almost an hour.. Um no kids, it has literally been 10 minutes. The beauty of mummy having to carry the backpack meant she could walk that bit faster for them to catch up, so we got about half way before a pit stop. And in typical form for my kids, they were hungry, had sore legs and of course needed to go to the toilet!!

Right so kids sorted and we were off again. They now decided they were having the best time ever and wanted to do this every weekend… Seriously, from one extreme to the other with these boys haha (mum life)

We made it back to the car, in one piece and the boys had a great time (so did I)

Obviously made the morning that bit better with a delicious icecream on the beach.

Successful day, lots of fun, kids were tired, supported a great cause… so all in all a wonderful day!

Look forward to next year (I know my kids will be too) 😊


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