Team Telstra and Yira Mia Hit the Track at Pinjarra Races!

By Rise
31 July 2023
Last week, our Yira Mia family dressed to the nines and headed out to the Pinjarra Races, an event made possible by a remarkable team of volunteers from Telstra. Their involvement wasn't just about making the day happen, it was about bringing joy, laughter, and a sense of community to everyone who had been eagerly anticipating this outing.

Led by the fantastic Casie, Team Telstra was everywhere - helping people on and off the buses, serving sandwiches and delectable baked goods, keeping the coffee flowing, and sharing incredible conversations and jokes with everyone who had made the journey. For many, this was their first time at the Races, and it was certainly a day no one will be forgetting any time soon. In the words of Casie, “Thank you Rise for letting us hang out with your beautiful members at the races. We had great conversations and shared many jokes. I had a blast!”

Our Yira Mia members not only enjoyed their day, but also enjoyed all the extra support they received from the team of staff and volunteers. One happily noted, “the hard work of staff and volunteers was absolutely amazing”, while another voiced their sheer joy of “seeing horses up close and watching them run around the track”. Many were even able to get closer, petting one of the horses along the fence. And let’s not forget Yira Mia’s own Jalana who had everyone in stitches with her hilarious horse antics!

What truly underscored the impact of the day was Julie from Telstra’s reflection, “I really enjoyed the day. It was a great way to not only see how Rise operated and looks after their members, but also how much fun they were all having together. After seeing their excitement at pick up, I could tell they had been looking forward to this for a while.”

A Day at the Races was a resounding success. But make no mistake, the day would have been a distant dream without the goodwill and hard work of the incredible team of staff and volunteers at Yira Mia before, during and after the event, and the Telstra Volunteers who gave up their time to help. Their commitment helped bring this incredible event to life for all to experience. We look forward to future collaborations that empower our community and make every day a day at the races!
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