Team works through the night

By Rise
04 February 2021
Shout out to the team supporting the residents at Kyeema House during the bushfires– Arfah, Mallik, Angela and Shaun did a fantastic job. Arfah got the three residents who were sleeping at the time out of the house and to Brown Park evacuation Centre.
Angela coordinated with Shaun and Mallik. Mallik is the Coordinators for the house and was able to support Arfah. Angela was amazing fielding calls and getting staff to come on shift early.
“Angela Jeffery and Mallik Koppula were amazing, they kept the safety and wellbeing of the clients and staff member Arfah immediately affected at the front of their actions. Their compassion, quick thinking and organisational skills came to the forefront. On behalf of Rise thank you Angie and Mallik for all the behind the scenes work and Arfah who was on the front line assisting the clients, keeping all calm and safe.” Anne Maroni
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